My Mom – Alligator

Children Book : My Mom - ALLIGATOR  (Animal Book) Animal Habitats (animals books for kids) (books about animals for children 3)Title: My Mom – Alligator
Author: Dan Jackson
Publisher: Self-published

“Alligator moms lay eggs; the eggs have hard shells. They can lay a lot of eggs, usually between ten and fifty at a time. That’s a lot of babies!” Dan Jackson writes about these creatures in his e-book, My Mom – Alligator.

Part of the Animals Books series, this twenty-eight page e-book targets children ages four to twelve years old who enjoy learning about animals, especially alligators. Due to its complicated wording, the book would best be read out loud to beginner readers. With no scary scenes or violence, it would make a nice bedtime or quiet time story or to use in a science class.

Large colorful photographs of these exotic creatures grace almost every page with one or two sentences underneath in an easy-to-read black font. With some pictures of crocodiles included, they are interesting to look at and view by any age group. Whether the animal is slithering in or out of water or showing off their teeth, they are displayed as babies and adults.

With the alligators being such unique mammals, here are some interesting tidbits mentioned in this educational read:

  • They are two types of alligators, with the Chinese types being endangered.
  • Alligators are cold-blooded.
  • They usually live in the South in America.
  • They weigh up to one thousand pounds and can be eleven feet long.
  • Mother alligators lay between ten and fifty eggs at a time.
  • These creatures have special eyes so they can see underwater.
  • There are seventy-four to eighty teeth in an alligator’s mouth.
  • Their strong paws and tails help them swim very fast.
  • The thick skin plates on alligators protect them from snake bites.

If a child needs a quick source of information about this peculiar mammal for a report, this book has many facts listed. Although not a story book or simple picture book, it is a collection of descriptions about alligators and how they live.

Thanks to the author for furnishing this complimentary e-book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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2 responses to “My Mom – Alligator

  1. I can’t imagine having that many kids – especially at one time! haha This sounds like a great book for animal lovers. 😉

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