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Product: Divine Walls
Manufacturer: Divine Walls
Made in the United States

“A Christian wall decal from Divine Walls is the perfect gift. We offer over 600 uniquely crafted and beautiful designs on our site. Select the perfect size, color, and verse for your home, office, or church,” their website promotes regarding this creative wall decal product.

The item with a shipping weight of a little over two pounds arrived in a circular cardboard tube via First Class Mail only days after ordering. After popping out the end tabs, the designated vinyl decal is rolled up along with an instruction sheet.

Geared for those who want to have a specific Bible verse or saying put directly on a wall, dimensions, colors, font, and layout ideas are given online with the option to custom design.

This reviewer selected the verse from Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” The size was approximately forty inches wide and eight inches tall in an arching layout with a light brown font style. The only ordering issue was no example of the finished product (color changes) could be given.

Attaching it to the wall worked best with two people aligning it in its proper position after removing the bottom side of the paper. Using a straight-edged ruler, swiping back and for while pressing down on the entire area several times, insured sealing the words to the wall. Gently peeling the top paper left only the vinyl letters on the wall. If a letter is not securely in place or still stuck on the paper, carefully repositioning it onto the flat surface by hand works. With patience and more persistence, it can be adapted to a more textured than normal wall. Supposedly, the film can be removed without leaving a residue on the wall.

One of the best characteristics of this product is the many selections from the Old and New Testaments as well as uplifting, spiritual sayings that can be different sizes and colors based on what is needed.

Located in Oregon, the company promotes beautiful, meaningful wall sticker decorations from the Word of God. A 100% refund is given if not totally satisfied. This reviewer’s selection was priced at $19.99 not including shipping charges.

If you are looking for something Biblical to put on a wall instead of a framed picture, this is an excellent idea because it can be tailor-made to fit your creativity and enhance the look of a room.

Thanks to CWA Review Crew and Divine Walls for furnishing this complimentary product in exchange for a review based on the user’s honest opinion.

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