Hope During Heartbreak

Hope During Heartache: True Stories of Emotional Healing from Infertility, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Death of a ChildTitle: Hope During Heartache
Author: Cheri Swalwell
Publisher: Spoken From the Heart

“When a child dies, no matter the circumstances, it’s important to have the freedom to share your feelings with others who understand instead of locking them up inside, pretending they don’t exist,” Cheri Swalwell writes in the introduction to her book, Hope During Heartache: True Stories of Emotional Healing from Infertility, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Death of a Child.

At two hundred and sixteen pages, this e-book targets those who have lost a child or knows of someone that has recently dealt with the death of an unborn. Using mainly the New International Version of the Holy Bible, The Message is also referenced. Due to topics of menstruation, blood loss, and death, it would not be appropriate for immature readers.

Author Swalwell is joyously a wife, mother, and writer as she focuses on God and His grace in her life, family, and writing. Whether writing her series and magazine articles or as a contributing author, her Christian love for others is her focal point.

Having an unexpected pregnancy in 2006, the author and her husband were devastated when she miscarried the child. God’s working in mysterious ways gave Swalwell the courage to publish a collection of thirteen parents’ viewpoints having experienced losing a dear one.

Whether facing infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant or older child, eleven mothers and two fathers write their personal experiences of finding hope through God when they faced unimaginable heartbreaks.

Meet Addie, who had to trust God and let go to get pregnant, or Josh and his wife tenderly holding the body of their little girl. While Sheila shuts down her emotions for forty years, a grief-stricken woman in Jerusalem tries to overcome being labeled a habitual aborter.

What makes this book so special to those that wrote it is each understands how God is in control and has plans we do not understand. Through their pain, guilt, and embarrassment, they acknowledge there is no return “back to normal” or “after grief” but that God is holding their hands, promising them to be reunited in Heaven with their deeply-missed loved one. Often including Bible verses or poem, the parents shed their tears as they find hope through Christ.

This book may be a soothing balm for someone who recently has lost a child or miscarried and needs compassion and support from those who have lived through the heart-breaking tragedy.

Thanks to The Book Club Network and the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinion.

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