Only God Can Make a Kitten

Only God Can Make a KittenTitle: Only God Can Make a Kitten
Author: Rhonda Gowler Greene
Illustrator: Laura J. Bryant
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 978-0-310-73170-2

“God makes seeds to grow and grow.
He paints the flowers, blows winter’s snow.
God fashions fish. Kittens too.
Yes, God makes wondrous things, it’s true.
But best of all, God made … YOU!”
Rhonda Gowler Greene writes in her children’s book, Only God Can Make a Kitten.

This thirty-two page hardbound targets four to eight-year-old children who enjoy stories about nature and God. With no scary or violent scenes, it would best be read out loud to beginner readers due to some complicated wording.

Award-winning author Greene has written over twenty picture books. As a prior elementary school teacher, she is a speaker living in Michigan with her husband. Illustrator Bryant has illustrated a half dozen books and lives in North Carolina. Her whimsical watercolor designs cover the full pages with expressive emotions and easy-to-understand depictions of animals and nature.

In this short rhyming tale that starts with a verse from Genesis taken from the New International Version of the Holy Bible, a young boy, his baby sister, and his mother are outside playing. When the boy notices a tiny sprout and shows it to his mother, he learns that only God can make a seed. As the three travel along, they see eggs in a bird’s nest, a field of flowers in bloom, fish swimming in water, plums growing, trees with branches to climb, rocks to walk on, a little cat asleep on a chair, snowflakes falling, and stars in the dark sky.

After each object, the boy is reminded that it is only the Almighty Who can make it. While showing the three playing on a couch in their pajamas, the ending lists all items, stating that the most important thing God made was the little boy.

Although there is no addition of a male father figure in the story, the cute rhyme shows how God makes everything, but, most importantly, He created the young one reading or viewing the book. With the charming artwork and the many suggestions of God’s creations, adults can engage the child to consider other things He made including parents, grandparents, and pets.

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