The Christmas Eve Promise

Title: The Christmas Eve Promise
Author: Elyse Douglas
Publisher: Broadback Books
ISBN: 9798671702989

“I love you, Eve, and I always will, in any time and in any place,” Patrick admits in Elyse Douglas’s novel, The Christmas Eve Promise.

~ What ~
The fourth in the A Time Travel series, this four-hundred-and-thirteen-page paperback targets those who enjoy a sci-fi romance involving time traveling and having a soul mate. Using profanity and slang words, its topics of premarital sex, alcohol use, physical abuse, and death may not be appropriate for immature readers. The ending includes acknowledgments and reviews.

In this story, Patrick is at a loss when he finds himself alone in 2020 when he originally was living in the late 1880s. To try to understand his sad predicament, he uses the time-traveling lantern designed by Nikola Telsa and is oddly transported to 1925 where he must determine why he is there. When he meets Evelyn, his predicament may have some familiarity, but there are underlying currents of dishonesty, bootlegging, and mayhem that make him question if he should return home again.

~ Why ~
Not having read any of the prior books in the series, I appreciate that this is a stand-alone read with some references to past time-traveling of its main characters. I enjoyed the descriptions of New York in 1925 and 2020 relating to society, fashion, and life in the Roaring 20s. The protagonists are well-described, and the story is easy to read and understand.

~ Why Not  ~
Those who do not like books blending finding one’s soul mate through traveling in time may want to pass on this series. Others may find the often back and forth of profanities in one sentence and the next containing a belief in God and prayer confusing.

~ Wish ~
Although the basis of the tale is about going into the past to hopefully learn how to change the future, I did not care for its reference to seances and reincarnation. I prefer no profanity and all pronouns of God capitalized for reference.

~ Want ~
If you like a romance that includes suspense, mystery, and time travel, this last in the series story may want you to start at the beginning to better know its characters.

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