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Title: Duplicity
Author: Newt Gingrich
Publisher: Center Street
ISBN: 978-1-4555-3042-7

“The Falcon is real and he’s going to find a way to attack our country unless I stop him – unless we stop him,” Conner sternly warns in Newt Gingrich’s novel, Duplicity.

~ What ~
Marine Brooke Grant has always looked up to her uncle, especially after he and her aunt raised her. Loyal and patriotic, the twenty-four-year-old woman wants her protective uncle to be proud of her.

When Brooke diffuses a suicide bomber in London, she receives the notoriety that offers her a position protecting the U.S. embassy in Somalia that President Allworth prompted to open quickly to increase her polling numbers before Election Day.

Forty-six-year-old Gunter Conner may be the CIA station chief at the Mogadishu embassy, but he has another agenda. He wants to find the head of the radical Islamic group that murdered most of his family.

Being used as players and pawns in a potential cover-up, Brooke and Conner choose separate paths to protect America while back home, politics play pivotal roles in the two’s survival after eighteen hostages are taken.

~ Why ~
Knowing Gingrich served in the thick of politics in Washington, I was intrigued by him writing fiction. I found his book engaging, keeping me interested with short chapters that flowed succinctly. Earley’s help added the necessary pointers to enhance visualization.

~ Why Not ~
If you do not like fiction with minor profanity, adult situations, and scenes of torture and murder, pass on this one. With an abrupt ending, the book left me with unanswered questions to be unveiled hopefully in the sequel.

~ Who ~
Author Gingrich was Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and candidate for president in 2012. He has written several books with three being best sellers. Reporter and author Earley was a 2007 Pulitzer Prize finalist and has written extensively about the Unites States’ government.

~ Wish ~
Since the book was written by someone who has ample experience of the backroom decisions of Washington politics, it did contain some interactions of the jockeying done between parties. I wish it provided more of the inner-workings of our government’s decisions regarding international topics.

~ Want ~
If you like political intrigue with protagonists who wish to do what is best protecting others from radical terrorists, this is a fast read regarding politics, controlling religions, and human behaviors.

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Thanks to Bookpleasures and Hachette Book Group for offering this book to review for my honest opinion.

Chapter Preview: http://on.fb.me/1FdsVZv

More info about the book is available here: http://bit.ly/1YAbYOZ

Landing Page: http://www.centerstreet.com/duplicity/

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Examine Your Faith!

Title: Examine Your Faith!
Author: Pamela Christian
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 978-1-4497-9919-9

“Confident belief for what is not yet proven, or that which is not yet experienced, can only exist once a person has sufficient objective, verifiable evidence and/or experience. The term sufficient is key – what is sufficient for one may not be for someone else,” Pamela Christian states in her book, Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies.

At two hundred and twelve pages, this paperback book is targeted toward readers seeking a solid foundation in their religious faith in God. The writer believes that if you find truth for yourself in what you believe, you will obtain a confident faith. Using mostly the New King James Version of the Bible, there are chapter endnotes on other references used.

After having her own personal crisis in her faith, Christian had to research and reinvent her belief-system in a Supreme Being. In her search, she explored the lies of religious tolerance of syncretism, the deception of education, the equality of religions, and the examination of evidence of faith. She learned that by mixing different faiths, it produces a lack of core convictions, people have been trained, not educated, and faith is based on personal preferences.

With the book divided into three parts of defending, discovering and deciding the Truth, the author first explains relativism, revisionism, and religious pluralism. In the second part, there are discussions of five major religious faiths and secular points of view that include Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and secular New Age / Humanism. In each chapter on these religions, history of founder and faith, teachings, distinctions, and Americans’ reactions are discussed. However, there is no mention of what some consider cults invented by Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses and their current infiltration into the Christian community in America.

The third part of the book is dedicated to why Christianity works, giving viewpoints from individuals who believed in other religions and their testimonies how each found the True Way. The author explains good versus evil, different views of Jesus within religions, Biblical and historical findings on Christ’s birth, prophecies fulfilled and evidence of Jesus’s resurrection.

Completing with the plan of eternal salvation with a confident faith, this book is an asset to those individuals who are on the fence about their religion and need clarification in regard to Jesus Christ. Although it does not go into detail other cults and religions growing in popularity today, one can glean confidence in one’s faith-based beliefs.

This book was furnished by The Book Club Network, Inc. in lieu of an unbiased review.

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The American Panorama

Title: The American Panorama
Author: Michael H. Collins
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4533-2

Have you ever wondered how geography affects United States history and culture or why there are so many religions in America or even what are the main causes of crime in the country? Michael H. Collins has written a huge book titled The American Panorama that not only tries to answer these questions but a plethora of more concepts, ideas and nuances of America.

This voluminous nine hundred and three page paperback was originally designed for overseas students in Beijing taking classes to learn about America’s social, cultural and political issues. Written from an outside perspective of the United States, it is broken down into twelve chapters covering topics ranging from territorial lands, peoples, government, and economy to education, media, character, religion, the arts and world alliances. It includes questions for reflection and discussion, an extensive biography and sources section along with over one hundred page index. The largest chapters are on the economic system/social security and the arts/literature with the smallest chapters on the American character and cultural debates/social problems and solutions.

Collins divides each subject topic methodically, discussing the history of the past and how it is apropos in today’s culture in America. If it is about migration or segregation in the chapter about regions and cities, it lists population charts, place name origins and protecting the environment. The chapter on religion not only gives detailed history of explanations of American denominations such as Mormonism, Pentecostalism and Southern Baptists, but tabulates church membership, mention famous Christians such as Billy Graham, Tim LaHaye and James Dobson and mega-churches along with televangelists. In the chapter on the arts, television shows such as Guiding Light and The Simpsons are explained, art museums along with movie ratings are listed, and writings of Tennessee Williams, F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbeck are discussed. No cultural stone is unturned.

Need to know that there are over fourteen hundred American newspapers but eighty-five percent of those only have fifty thousand readers daily? Or that twenty-six percent of American households are now single, living alone? Or that it costs as much as $150,000 for a six year prison term treatment program? Or that there were over two hundred thousand female military personnel enlisted in May 2009? The facts go on and on, available at every turn of the page.

To cover the myriad of topics from Thomas Jefferson, John F Kennedy or Henry Kissinger to GPS, NASA, robotics, reality TV or current divorce percentages would make this review extremely lengthy. For anyone who wants to know more minutiae about the United States, this is a perfect, well-rounded, well-researched source of reliable, dependable and abundant information about America.


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Body Broken ~ Can Republicans and Democrats Sit in the Same Pew?

Title: Body Broken ~ Can Republicans and Democrats Sit in the Same Pew?
Author: Charles D. Drew
Publisher: New Growth Press
ISBN: 978-1-936768-30-1

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s” is from the Bible in Luke 20:25. In Charles D. Drew’s Body Broken ~ Can Republicans and Democrats Sit in the Same Pew? this same principle is reiterated that God is ultimately in control, including of all people and nations, and our focus should be on Him, not consumed on the things of this earth.

This one hundred and seventy-five page paperback book has a black and white photograph of three people sitting in church against a red background on the front jacket. The back cover has one paragraph about the book, three reviews and a short paragraph with a small picture of the author. There were no grammatical, punctuation or typographical errors but this reader wishes all pronouns in regard to God were capitalized for reverence.

The book itself is not political, not about who to vote for or why, has no political affiliation or partisan slant. It is Biblically founded, starting each chapter with a verse that is dissected and applied to current American church doctrine and simple Christian morals, ethics and values. Each chapter ends with numbered ideas to discuss, research and debate to spur the reader into contemplative action. Besides ten reviews at the beginning and biographical notes at the end, there are three appendixes that include the Williamsburg Charter, a Three Village Church document and the vision statement of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church for reference.

Drew feels that the church (which includes any type of Christian-based religion) needs to refocus how they view, promote or prioritize politics and how their heated debates are ripping apart the goal of teaching others about Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior, especially as a testimony in both the church and public atmosphere. The church should ideally recognize the Lord reigns, therefore He is in control of all nations (great and small) and we must trust Him and hate evil. The author concludes we Christians need to make God our top priority through ardently praying for those in control of our country and accepting that we have equality and freedom in America for our (and others’) beliefs without losing sight of God’s direction. He reminds us that God already knows all political outcomes and has put in play specific laws, politicians and situations for His purpose.

The writer suggests Christians should be like Christ by respecting others, looking for ways to cooperate instead of using violence, anger and pride and finding our own personal, individual public calling to help remedy the situation instead of using the church to grandstand, politicize or promote our viewpoint when it does not advance God’s love.

This short, quick read should be available in all churches or Christian venues to remind believers why we are here on earth – to glorify God, not idolize one another nor tear down what He has established.

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