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Hosting the Presence Every Day

Hosting the Presence Every Day: 365 Days to Unveiling Heaven's Agenda for Your LifeTitle: Hosting the Presence Every Day
Author: Bill Johnson
Publisher: Destiny Image
ISBN: 978-0-7684-0524-8

“The quest to host God’s Presence does not begin with formulas or principles. It starts with an increasing awareness of Who lives within you,” Bill Johnson writes in the introduction to his book, Hosting the Presence Every Day: 365 Days to Unveiling Heaven’s Agenda for Your Life.

This one hundred and forty-four paperback targets those looking for a daily devotional that is quick and to the point, focusing on how the Holy Spirit dwells within Christians on a day to day basis. The NKJV, NASB, KJV, ASV, NIV, ESV, and NLT versions of the Holy Bible are referenced.

In this devotional that can be read each day in mere minutes, each month covers a theme mainly relating to the Holy Spirit such as those titled Your Ultimate Assignment, Your Significance in God’s Presence, Sneak Previews, Red Letter Revival, Releasing the Dove, and Your Baptism of Fire.

Each day begins with one general sentence of reflection followed by several paragraphs that occasionally include a written out Bible verse. Most pages have Scripture reading to look up of one to ten verses or a short Psalm. A prayer of one to eleven lines long ends the devotional. Sometimes the full page is used, other times only a half. The last two weeks of the year are dedicated to notable individuals’ lives and their testimonies, having no Bible verse references.

Noting at the beginning that there is repetition of verses, and the prayers are suggestive, not comprehensive, the idea is to develop an intimacy with the Person of Christ through meditation. One example would be the short insert for October 7th that begins with the statement: One of the reasons it’s so important to learn the ministry at home is because of the value of serving where there is no honor. Two paragraphs discuss how Jesus served in His hometown and was not honored. By serving others, we cooperate with the Presence of the Holy Spirit. The Scripture reading is Luke 4:24 and the prayer states: I do not serve to receive honor. Holy Spirit, help me to serve people because I honor them. I honor people because You love them.

With this daily book only mentioning a few Bible passages each day, it would be best read as an addendum to reading the Word of God and may be helpful for those who like to look up a couple of verses each day.

Thanks to The Book Club Network and the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

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52 Reasons to Believe – Concise Thoughts on the Christian Faith

Title: 52 Reasons to Believe: Concise Thoughts on the Christian Faith
Author: Gregg Peter Farah
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9849772-4-6

“Confront your questions, disarm your doubt, and strengthen your spiritual life. This book won’t provide all the answers, but it will give you concise thoughts on the Christian Faith …” Gregg Peter Farah states in his book, 52 Reasons to Believe: Concise Thoughts on the Christian Faith.

This two hundred and forty page paperback book is targeted toward Christians looking for confirmation that the Bible is true and the Trinity is real. Using mainly the New International Version, the King James is also noted. This series’ book is divided into four sections on the Bible, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. After curriculum ideas, a lesson template, and notes at the end of the book, another book in the series is promoted.

Similar to previous books about fifty-two topic ideas, this one focuses on twenty evidences that the Bible is true, twelve descriptions of God, thirteen characteristics of Jesus, and seven traits of the Holy Spirit.

Under each topic that covers four to five pages, the author writes several paragraphs including Biblical foundation, past world history, or current event correlations. There is a key quote from a famous author, writer, or pastor followed by a DYK – did you know – tidbit. The Link to Your Life applies the topic to the reader’s relationship to God. There is a small discussion, a key Bible verse, and a short prayer with room to add a personal thought.

For example: Reason # 21 is “God is … MORE Than You Can IMAGINE,” stating several of both Old and New Testament names of the Almighty. The quote is from D.M. Lloyd-Jones about desiring to know God. DYK explains how Yahweh was so sacred, it was not pronounced; the term Adonai was usually substituted until the sixth century when vowels were combined with consonants producing Jehovah. Linking to our lives, we need to know God as all powerful. In small groups, we should take time to thank Him. The key verse is from Isaiah 42:8 and the prayer is about God being wherever we go.

Although pronouns of Deity are sporadically capitalized, this is a helpful tool for a new believer or one who wants to hone in on a stronger, more solid belief in the Bible, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

This book was furnished by The Book Club Network Inc. in exchange for the reader’s honest opinion.

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The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask About Christianity

Title: The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask About Christianity
Author: Alex McFarland
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-58997-678-8

“With some basic tools and a growing understanding of God’s Word, you can be ready for any spiritual questions your children present to you,” Alex McFarland states in his book, The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask About Christianity.

This two hundred and eighty page paperback book is targeted toward Christian parents, teachers or pastors to help them when talking about God to young children, mainly those of the age of accountability and older.

After an introduction and techniques on how to answer children’s questions, the book is broken down into six question-related parts involving God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Trinity and Holy Spirit, the Bible, the Church and What Parents Ask along with an author’s question to the reader.

Within each of the twenty-three chapters, there are key concepts, a question recap with two to four bullet points, and a hope-filled answer. Some chapters also include highlighted suggestions of ways to further examine the question by correlating to projects such as doing a sugar test, growing plants, making bread rolls and designing a family statement of faith or conducting a Bible study.

McFarland suggest that if we listen to our children, point them to the right direction, offer tools, skills and basic information, they can search and find the answers about God themselves. He recommends answering a question with a question to promote more discussion, guide the conversation to God, do not give out too much information and readily admit when you do not know the answer.

While comparing to Bible verses and characters to simple items such as gold fish or a telescope, the author gives direction, confidence and pointers on how to express a true relationship with God.

If your children are asking questions such as “why does God allow suffering or why is He unfair?” or “did Jesus ever sin?” or “will the Holy Spirit leave me if I keep sinning?” or “are the Bible miracles true?” or “why do I have to go to church?” this is a great reference point for a parent to know in advance when answering. Being prepared, praying and promoting a relationship with Jesus are pivotal in a child’s life and questions answered in this book will propagate the seeds to grow in a young one’s inquisitive mind.

This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers for review purposes.


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