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Fireside Chats with God

Fireside Chats with GodAuthor: Norma Luciano
Publisher: WinePress Publishing
ISBN:  978-1-4141-1662-4

If we believe in God, we talk to Him in our own way, sometimes by praying, sometimes by actually talking or even yelling in frustration and sometimes by writing. Norma Luciano has written a book called Fireside Chats with God, Entering a Living Relationship with the One True God where she bares her heart and soul to God and He answers through her journal writings.

This two hundred and fourteen page soft bound book has a serene photograph of two chairs in front of a cozy fireplace with a Bible open on the front cover and several paragraphs about the book and author including two small photographs on the back. It has a two page table of contents along with a twenty page prologue that explains Luciano’s history and why the book was written. With an easy font, blocked out reminder verses and bolded titles to read, only one or two minor typographical errors were noted.

Besides Luciano coming from a broken home with a checkered past, she has overcome quite a bit but barely mentions it in her book. This is not a book to concentrate on the past, one’s forgiven sins, prior disappointments, or things that should have been, but a book about her personal relationship with Jesus Christ that she documents daily in a journal. The book includes a decade of highlights, encouragements, temptations, testings and trials which are splattered out during a chapter year, jumping only to those she felt she wanted to share with the fortunate reader. Due to her journal writing style, sometimes it is hard to focus on what is going on behind the scenes or how the issue gets resolved, but it is obviously not the intention of the book.

The most important part of this powerful, humbling, and soul-searching book is not her usual questions or reasoning or even thoughts, but how she feels Jesus responding to her. She asks a question or brings up a topic and has her perceived words of Christ answering in her writings along with Biblical references. It is interesting to see the transitions she makes throughout the years from posting her fears, concerns and prayers to promoting and publicly announcing her perception of our Lord’s response to her. The Norma of the book dwindles to a point that one only wants to read what He “wrote,” not her. She does not dwell on herself, but on Him, as it truly should be.

Topics discussed with God and her range from Israel and the United States (during and after 9/11) to spending more time in prayer, shedding hatred and bitterness, learning to slow down and listen to others and God, and prioritizing the most important relationship, the one with Abba, our Father, in our day to day lives.

So as one reads, he or she finds this book is not really about Luciano (or even how to relate to her) but about Jesus and His abundant love, grace, mercy and forgiveness for each one of us when He died on the cross, shed His blood and saved us from our sins.

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