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Need You Now

Author: Beth Wiseman
Thomas Nelson

Christian families appear to have perfect lives, perfect marriages and perfect children from the outside, yet there is always more than the eye beholds. In Beth Wiseman’s Need You Now, this best-selling author tells a current-day, realistic story about life in the real world by relying on God, not ourselves.

This three hundred and twelve page novel has a young blonde woman’s face enlarged on the front cover with a couple walking in a serene pasture in the background. The back cover has a description of the book along with one review. Inside, the first few pages and the end of the book have acclaims, other written novels by the author, a dedication, a reading group guide, “cutting” resources, acknowledgements and a short biography. No grammatical or typographical errors were noticed. There were several sentence structures using dangling prepositions.

Wiseman tells an empathetic story about a Christian family who moves from the big city to the rural life in Texas, only to be challenged by a middle teenage child who appears “perfect” but resorts to cutting herself to deal with emotional pain and stress. Darlene, the main character in the book, is a stay-at-home mom who decides to go to work full time as their three children are now teens. Getting a job at a school for special needs children, she takes care of an autistic twelve year old girl. This inquisitive girl’s widowed father makes inappropriate advances to which Darlene succumbs. Meanwhile, Darlene’s husband, Brad, becomes partner in his accounting firm, keeping him away longer and later at night, giving Darlene doubts about his fidelity. A neighbor friend with lots of personal baggage becomes Darlene’s best friend and a Goth friend of the daughter is initially shunned by the family. These two play undercurrents to the core of overcoming one’s problems based on their own lives.

The backbone of the book is God and how He not only forgives us but how we need to forgive others. The book is for someone who is already a Christian and trying to grasp that we are not at all perfect, we will never be and that only God can heal us of our pain, anxiety, stress and guilt when we sin or turn away from Him. It is not preachy or pretentious. The reader walks away hopefully considering how he or she needs to rely on God more for guidance, for forgiveness and most of all, to help deal with our own guilt.

After enjoying this book, I want to read the author’s series of novels about the Amish since she is an engaging, compassionate Christian writer.


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Uniform Decisions: My Life in the LAPD and The North Hollywood Shootout

Author: John Caprarelli with Lee Mindham
Publisher: End of Watch
ISBN: 978-0984916702

John Caprarelli has many life experiences to share about growing up in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. His book Uniform Decisions is not only about the famous botched bank robbery of February 1997, where two armed assailants were killed and over eleven hundred rounds of ammunition were spent, but it is also about his personal life of how to accept and adapt as a husband, father, and police officer. The blend of these three aspects can be hard and complicated.

In this one hundred and eighty-seven page biographical story, John takes the reader from his childhood days in private school and marrying his high school sweetheart through the nuances and drills of the police academy and into the everyday life of one who “serves and protects.” With twenty-seven years in the LAPD, he covers both the banal and fascinating stories while in different law enforcement venues, from the beat on the streets and filling out endless paperwork to dealing with the first dead body or going undercover and snagging a drug dealer. However, the focal point of the book is the robbery itself and its toll on the officers involved. The book includes photographs of the famous shoot-out and of his parents, wife, and children.

Toward the end of the book, John blends how he personally dealt with the aftermath of the shooting and health-related issues that altered his lifestyle, which led to his retirement. In addition to taking a look at himself and changing areas of his life, he deals with his core beliefs and Christian values from his upbringing. He explains how the LAPD used to handle (or lack thereof) post-traumatic stress syndrome. Due to this particular shooting, many police departments across America have changed their follow-up practices and protocols involving attitudes and behaviors toward their officers.

If you want a deep perspective of how a policeman views his stressful job, co-workers, diversified work situations, and most of all, his faith and determination, this book covers it. It is easy to read and engaging, forcing the reader to want to know what will happen on the next page. By capturing historical events of the famous robbery, it is a helpful book to pass on to someone contemplating joining the police force by explaining realistically its perks and pitfalls. Kudos to John for writing his book personally “like it was and is” and how he grew up and matured, both mentally and spiritually, in law enforcement.

Thanks to the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

This book can be purchased at https://amzn.to/30Y1cIi

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