Review: F-color Waterproof Phone Pouches


~ What ~
Able to hold any smartphone or cellphone up to 6.7-inches, this set of 2 holders protects its contents from water, sand, and harsh elements. Being transparent, it is made of a clear, strong PVC that can hold iPhones and Androids as well as cash, identification, and more. The 2 pieces come in black and white, each with matching lanyards and in a gift box.

~ Why ~
Since we travel often and love the water, it is important to protect our smartphones. I appreciate how easy these are to open, slide in the phone, and seal the top bar to avoid any leakage. The pliable plastic screen can be viewed easily.

~ Why Not ~
Some may think these will not work, but they can be used even in 100 feet of water. Others may not like that a touch screen cannot be easily accessed, but using buttons seems to work fine.

~ Wish ~
I wish more color options like vivid blue or hot pink were available.

~ Want ~
If you want to protect your phone from the elements the next time you are canoeing, kayaking, boating, skiing, or biking, these are ideal to have on hand.

Thanks to F-color for this discounted product that I am under no obligation to evaluate.

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