Review: Neostrata Enlighten Serum


~ What ~
This 0.5 fluid ounce serum is a daily skin brightening concentrate that contains 15% Vitamin C and PHA. With ingredients that include pure, stabilized L-Ascorbic Acid, Green Tea Extract, and Feverfew, it is mineral oil-free, dermatologist-tested, and hypo-allergenic. It arrives in a glass jar with a dropper; directions, cautions, and ingredients are on the bottle and box. The bottle has stamped Lot # LOT012JA.

~ Why ~
Since I am in my sixties, I have discolored skin spots so this nice clear light yellow liquid can be applied daily to keep them faded. It is easy to use and absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving only a little residue feeling on the dermis.

~ Why Not ~
If you have no sun or aging spots, you may have no need for this product. Some may think a lightener does not work, but they do if used on an ongoing basis. The fragrant-free solution feels oily at first, but it does seep into the skin.

~ Wish ~
It would be nice if a lightener could be made that you use for a week or two and it brightens skin for up to a month, but currently, these products have to be used consistently to get good results. I wish the bottles were transparent so I could see the contents inside to know when it is time to repurchase.

~ Want ~
If you have sun or dark spots and want to lighten them, this one with a high dosage of Vitamin C and PHA is a viable product to use.

Thanks to Neostrata for this complimentary product that I am evaluating by choice.

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