Review: Boldly Going Somewhere

Title: Boldly Going Somewhere
Authors: Ron & Aimee Cooper
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-68515-209-3

“The most important lesson was that there was always something interesting waiting ahead,” Ron Cooper writes in his and his wife’s book about traveling in a recreational vehicle, Boldly Going Somewhere.

~ What ~
This two-hundred-and-seventy-eight-page paperback targets those interested in the experiences of a retired couple living in a motorhome for two years while crisscrossing the United States several times. After a table of contents, the two- to ten-page chapters that include sporadic black and white photographs are written by either the husband or wife. Its ending includes ten Lessons of the Road and the authors’ biography.

This easy-to-read story covers a hundred thousand miles traveled in a twenty-nine-foot RV by a married pair who are determined to take time to see the sights and remote areas of America. With analytical and statistical viewpoints from Ron about the where and when of the trip, Aimee often focused on the how and why that include social interactions, day-to-day emotions, and marital frustrations. It is a collection of some of their adventures staying at over five hundred campgrounds, eating at over a thousand places, riding a bicycle in twenty-six states, and working out at over two hundred YMCAs while zigzagging along freeways, highways, ferries, and backroads.

~Why ~
Having parents who did the same thing of selling their home and traveling around the States for two years, I appreciate how these two learned to search out and find the beauty of our land and the good of our people. I liked their stories of camping, fishing, swimming, biking, and eating local food as well as their tips on toilet paper, trash, and rest stops. Adding the chapter on their best places to eat, stay, take a scenic drive, and see was helpful. Their trip promoted going with the flow and accepting challenges in life.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like to drive for more than four hours a day or deal with setting up or breaking down camp repeatedly may not like this read or consider such a trip. Others may find a bit of repetition when places and experiences were repeated between the two writers or not care for the “and then we went to” dialogue describing their travels. A few may not approve of the minor profanity, but it is not overdone.

~ Wish ~
While I liked the style of both writers, I felt this was their RV experience, so it has more importance to them and not the everyday reader. Including an index by state/city/town or topic may be helpful to those who want to use the book as a guide when traveling. With a few grammar and punctuation errors, it would be ideal if it were professionally edited.

~ Want ~
If you are considering pulling up roots and going on the road in America for a couple of years, this would be a perfect book for a novice RVer who, no doubt, will have your own stories to tell as you roll your rig around the next bend.

Thanks to the authors for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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