Review: Love You S’More

Title: Love You S’More
Author: Melinda Lee Rathjen
Illustrator: Rob McClurkan
Publisher: WorthyKids
ISBN: 978-1-5460-0215-4

“You really are special – it’s you I adore! And however it’s measured, I love you s’more,” Melinda Lee Rathjen writes in her children’s book, Love You S’more.

~ What ~
This twenty-page oversized board book with rounded corners targets children one to four years old who love to be told how much they are loved. With no scary scenes, contains sophomoric illustrations that will keep the attention of little ones. An easy-to-read font covers the pages.

This short story involves two raccoons who compete to see who loves the other more, correlating it to eating iconic s’mores made out of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate and camping. As the two critters sit in front of a fire in the forest and toast their treat, they debate about their love for one another.

~Why ~
This is a cute tale that families can easily gravitate to if they are into camping and sitting around a fire. I liked the rhyming format that included keeping warm, melted marshmallows, sweet chocolate, and how the crackers hug together, just like the two animals. It also mentions trees, the large moon, a grizzly bear, and that they both win the contest about love.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like repetitive wording in books may want to skip this one that repeats “I love you s’more” on almost every page. Others may not like the huge eyes of the raccoon, as they may scare some young ones.

~ Wish ~
It would be nice to have the illustrations show less of the emotions in the raccoons’ eyes, but if a child is concerned or frightened, an explanation could be given about these interesting looking creatures.

~ Want ~
If you want a book that reminds young ones how much they are loved, this one is spot on, especially if you enjoy eating s’mores in the forest.

Thanks to Hachette Book Group, WorthyKids, and the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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2 responses to “Review: Love You S’More

  1. Great review! This looks like an adorable book 🙂

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