Papa Loves You, Tiny Blue

Title: Papa Loves You, Tiny Blue
Author & Illustrator: Jo Empson
Publisher: WorthyKids
ISBN: 978-1-5460-0221-5

“Some questions are so big we will never know the answer. Now, good night, Tiny Blue. I love you,” Papa tells the penguin in Jo Empson’s children’s book, Papa Loves You, Tiny Blue.

~ What ~
This thirty-two-page oversized hardbound with a matching jacket targets children three- to six-year-olds who love to learn about penguins and how they live and love. With no scary scenes except the suggestion that seals eat penguins, its beautiful watercolor illustrations and easy-to-read font cover the pages. The inner flap jacket contains the book’s description and the author’s biography.

This charming story involves a little penguin named Tiny Blue who idolizes his father by repeatedly asking him questions. As they walk on the seashore, stand on rocks, swim in the deep water, watch a sunset, and settle to sleep in their nest, the parent answers many questions about the age of the ocean, why penguins cannot fly, what jellyfish are, what is the biggest fish, and other interesting questions. When the father is asked if he knows everything, the dad says nobody does but that he loves him, which is the biggest mystery of all.

~Why ~
This is a heartfelt story as it not only contains interesting facts about animals that live in the sea but also how a little one completely trusts his parent to be told the truth. I love the amazing artwork that is beautiful and engaging for all ages. The story is tender in how it promotes love is a mystery that cannot be explained, but we know when we love someone else.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like large books with oversized artwork may want to pass on this read, but they would be missing out. A few may think the little one’s questions go unanswered, but three of them are explained after the story ends with a question to the reader if there are others to ask. Beginner readers may have trouble with the three-syllable words.

~ Wish ~
It would be nice if other animal stories were written in this format that would include both educational information and an underlining theme of love, hope, or kindness.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a beautiful book that will be cherished by young ones, this one that explains penguins and the sea plus promotes a bond between a parent and child would be an excellent choice.

Thanks to Hachette Book Group, WorthyKids, and the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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  2. This looks delightful. Everyone loves penguins. Thank you for the contest!

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