Once “A Pun” A Time

Title: Once “a pun” a Time
Author: Wolf Cub Chlo
Publisher: Wold Cub Chlo LLC
ISBN: 978-1-64943061-8

“Now, it’s YOUR turn to create silly jokes! To help, I will give you a word and picture so you can write something silly about it,” Wolf Cub Chlo writes in her children’s book, Once “a pun” a time: A guide to reading and telling jokes.

~ What ~
This twenty-eight-page paperback targets children ages four to ten years old who enjoy reading, understanding, and creating jokes based on word puns. There are no scary depictions with simplistic, colorful, cut-and-pasted illustrations.

After dedication and autobiography pages, the first part contains fourteen jokes, one per page, with questions and answers in bubble designs with animals, food, and toys against white backgrounds. The second section has instructions on how to create your own jokes with five suggestions and lines to write them down. The ending includes congratulations and a thank you for reading the book.

~ Why ~
Since this book was written by a six-year-old, it has corny yet funny jokes that most kids can comprehend. I like jokes that contain play-on-words, and these are silly and innocuous. Explaining ways to create jokes is creative and unique to the book.

Here are two of the puns:
What did the coffee drinking pup say to the coughing kitten?
~ Answer: Stop “coffeeing” on me.
Why couldn’t the librarian hang out over the weekend?
~ Answer: Because they were “booked” and busy.

Here is one of the joke-writing instructions:
Orange ya glad you get to write your own jokes too!! Use the word orange to create a silly story or sentence.

~ Why Not ~
Some of these jokes are pretty lame, but they fit their age group. However innocuous they are, the silliness will bring joy to children. Beginner readers may have trouble understanding some of the jokes, especially if they are play-on-words. A few may find the font too hard to read and too small.

~ Wish ~
The fact that a six-year-old wrote this book is an accomplishment, but it has many capitalization and punctuation errors plus slang words that may confuse new readers to think using them are acceptable (some examples are the partially capitalized title, missing commas, and words like gotta and ya).

~ Want ~
If your child or a young one likes and understands puns, this may help them write their own jokes, but I wonder how much of it was written by a six-year-old due to its content.

Thanks to the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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This book can be purchased at https://amzn.to/3A39WPN

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