3-Minute Devotions to Laugh and Reflect

Title: 3-Minute Devotions to Laugh and Reflect
Authors: Christopher D. Hudson & Stan Campbell
Publisher: BethanyHouse
ISBN: 978-0-7642-3441-5

“This is a fun, low-key approach to daily devotions that promises to stay with you and encourage your faith,” states the back jacket in Christopher D. Hudson and Stan Campbell’s book, 3-Minute Devotions to Laugh and Reflect: Lighten Your Load and Brighten Your Day.

~ What ~
This one-hundred-and-seventy-two-page paperback targets those who want ninety short, quick-to-read daily devotions. Using mainly the New International Version of The Holy Bible, The Message is also referenced. The ending has notes, the writers’ biographies, and an advertisement.

Containing cartoon drawings on the left side of the pages, the right sides have devotions with titles, written out Bible verses, and several paragraphs about topics that are focused on the Word of God. They are meant to cheer up, encourage, and uplift the reader. Some of the chapters are titled Play Nice, Tradition vs. Change, Enticements, No Spiritual Bipasses, Future Shock Absorbers, Weight Problems, Membership Dues, Bond Like a Girl, Better Hopes and Gardens, Genuine Service, Make Time, Act Your Age, The Company You Keep, Ever Ready, Just Let It Go, and Redacting Scripture.

~ Why ~
This is a sophomoric three-month devotional that is light and breezy while showing a more comical side of Christianity with its added cartoons. It contains a gambit of everyday subjects that readers can relate to and appreciate. I like that it mentions we should not pick fights over some Biblical stances such as predestination versus free will and politics.

One interesting devotion is Stomach Trouble, referencing Philippians 3:18-19 and a cartoon that says “I just hope his sermon on the dangers of self-centeredness doesn’t make us late for lunch.” The topic is about being in church with a grumbling stomach and daydreaming about what to eat when it is over. It is reiterated that this may not be a stomach but heart problem, where distractions get in the way of focusing on God & what He wants from us.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ may not understand how His Word is important and should be read daily. Others may not like the Bible versions used or that the limited devotions contain quite a few church topics and are not as deep as expected, but the idea of the book is light-hearted and engaging. Some may consider the devotions diluted and without much substance.

~ Wish ~
While I understand the desire to make devotions pleasant, quick, and uplifting, I wish the book had more Biblical references, suggested Bible reading for each chapter, and perhaps a prayer written out to consider. I prefer all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a beginner’s devotional that does not contain a lot of Bible reading but encourages focusing on the Lord, this may work for a new Christian, but it should not be read instead of the Word due to its rudimentary content.

Thanks to Bethany House for this complimentary book that I am freely reviewing.

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This book can be purchased at https://amzn.to/3jYNTmP

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