The Giving Manger

Title: The Giving Manger
Author: Allison Hottinger
Illustrator: Emily King
Publisher: WorthyKids
ISBN: 978-1-5460-3422-3

“This year we’ll offer gifts to Jesus by serving and helping others. You see, when you serve others, you also serve Jesus,” Anne and Ben are told in Allison’s Hottinger’s children’s book set, The Giving Manger.

~ What ~
This is a complete gift box set that contains a hardcover picture book, wooden manger, bundle of straw, and sturdy baby Jesus figure that can be used as a yearly tradition to celebrate the meaning of Christmas. The manger needs minor assembly, and the straw is to be used as a teaching prop while the baby compliments the birth of Christ. The book is thirty-two pages and includes an ownership page, story, and service ideas. The sophomoric cut-paper illustrations are faceless but easy to comprehend.

The book tells the heartwarming story of young Anne and Ben who reluctantly are given their father’s manger to promote serving others during the Christmas season. Disgruntled at first about the homemade gift, the two children learn that by loving and serving others we can be like Christ as they add the straw to the manger before Jesus’s birthday.

~ Why ~
This is a delightful gift box that not only has a charming book to read about thinking about others at Christmas time but also challenges young ones to willingly offer to help others and add pieces of straw to baby Jesus’s manager. I love this concept of it being a tradition. Adding the suggestions at the end for young children, teens, and families to do is thoughtful and creative.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not want to promote teaching a child about learning to be Christ-like may not appreciate its Biblical content. Others may not like the idea of being pushed to do something nice for someone else, yet it is geared toward preschool and older children who need to be taught in a positive manner to think about others.

~ Wish ~
I prefer all pronouns of God capitalized for reverence.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a unique present about the real meaning of Christmas to give to a family with young children, this will be a cherished tradition to keep throughout the years.

Thanks to WorthyKids for this complimentary book that I am freely reviewing.

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