Feels Like Home

Title: Feels Like Home
Author: Marian Parsons
Publisher: Worthy Books
ISBN: 978-105460-1583-3

“This journey is unique in that there is no time limit, there is no competition, and you are the one who decides where the finish line is,” writes Marian Parsons in the introduction of her book, Feels Like Home: Transforming Your Space from Uninspiring to Uniquely Yours.

~ What ~
This three-hundred-and-four-page hardbound targets mainly women who want to decorate their house with their own particular style. After an introduction and instructions, it contains eleven chapters and ends with prior design photographs, credits, acknowledgments, sources, an index, and the author’s biography.

In this coffee table book, the author draws the reader into finding his or her own artistic touches when designing or decorating their home. The first chapter centers on what a home feels like while the second chapter is on telling your story by adding character. The next five sections cover living space, dining rooms, bedrooms, workspaces, bathrooms, halls, laundry rooms, foyers, and mudrooms. The last three chapters involve custom furnishings, finishing touches, and loving your home for what it is.

~ Why ~
It is always nice to spruce up a room and make it feel like you uniquely designed it, and this read has a lovely layout of room-to-room suggestions and projects to make a house a customized home. I appreciate its many practical step-by-step projects such as picture frame molding, box beams, painting cabinetry and furniture, a wall mural, heirloom napkins, starched fabric walls, paneling, sandpaper primer, and more.

~ Why Not ~
Those who are not homeowners or tenants who cannot alter their abode may not have any interest in this book. Others may not like the decoration additions as they may not match their personal style. Since we are currently updating our master bath, I was disappointed that only seven pages were dedicated to the topic and they were all about professional remodeling.

~ Wish ~
With the book having many projects with detailed instructions, including a list of them at the beginning or end of the book would be helpful to quickly find a topic and turn to the page.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a home decor book that has both professional and do-it-yourself ideas and projects, this is a keeper for those who want to decorate with individualized character and class.

Thanks to Worthy Books for this complimentary book that I am freely reviewing.

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This book can be purchased at https://amzn.to/3ESsK6n

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