Dozers Don’t Doze

Title: Dozers Don’t Doze
Author: Melinda Rathjen
Illustrator: Gareth Williams
Publisher: WorthyKids
ISBN: 978-1-5460-1382-2

“Some dozers might need to let their eyes close–but just for a bit, ’cause dozers don’t doze ….” Melinda Rahjen rhymes at the end of her children’s book, Dozers Don’t Doze.

~ What ~
This twenty-four-page board book with rounded corners targets children ages birth to three years old. With no scary scenes, it focuses on the heavy-duty construction bulldozer truck that always stays busy. Simplistic, colorful designs grace the pages with a decent font size.

While there are lots of different kinds of vehicles, this story is about dozers that are always working and do not need to sleep like others. It is compared to tractors, semis, trains, lawnmowers, race cars, tow trucks, backhoes, planes, ice-cream trucks, balers, buses, boats, and cranes: all doze yet the dozer does not.

~Why ~
This is a nice book to read to a young child who knows the difference between construction trucks and other transportation vehicles so can spot a bulldozer easily. The colors are bright and cheery, which could be used as a teaching tool for young ones. There is enough happening in the illustrations to keep a youngster engaged.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like books about trucks and machinery may not have an interest in this book. Realists may feel that some of the statements are not true so will have to explain to an educated child that these trucks do not actually shut their eyes, nap, snore, dream, or go to sleep.

~ Wish ~
I had trouble with the concept of this book as it may be cute in its rhyming, yet I have seen several bulldozers idle and not working in empty lots. Often the vehicles do not do what the rhymes state which may confuse inquisitive children.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a book about trucks, this may work for your young one, but you may find yourself questioning why the name dozer was given to this type of vehicle and if planes have to land to rest their wings.

Thanks to Hachette Book Group, WorthyKids, and the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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