CoutureBridal Resistance Bands


~ What ~ 
Arriving in 3 colors of yellow, blue, and purple, these 59-inch long by 5.9-inch wide latex bands are for exercising and flexing different muscle groups on the body. With different strength capabilities, they can be stretched without losing their shape. They arrive in a cellophane bag with no instructions or paperwork included. 
~ Why ~ 
Before COVID, I went to a Pilates class at a gym several times a week and used these types of bands. I have been looking for something similar and finally found them since I now work out almost every day at home. I love the different stretching strengths of the different bands as I do my daily routine.
~ Why Not ~ 
Some may think these are hard to stretch or cumbersome, but I love using them with floor exercises to rotate my hips. Others may not like the concept of exercising or stretching with bands. If they are not counter-strengthing enough, 2 or 3 could be used at the same time to get a better work out.
~ Wish ~ 
It would be nice if instructions with tips were included.
~ Want ~ 
If you are looking for a pack of 3 quality exercise resistance bands at different weight levels, this is a great addition. 
Thanks to CoutureBridal for this discounted product that I am freely evaluating.

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