2020 ChristMASK Stocking


~ What ~
Made of a disposable face mask, foam cut-outs, metal numbered embellishments, and ribbon, this cute Christmas ornament, stocking, or poresent holder is a fun memento commemorating the year 2020. To be filled with a small present, candy, or toy or kept empty, it can be hung on a tree or given as a gift.

~ Why ~
I came up with this idea for Christmas packaging to give to 90 of my family and friends. It was easy to make by painting the top and bottom silver of a standard disposable face mask, hot-gluing 2 sides, and adding the foam snowflake stickers, 2020 metalwork, and ribbon. Since it can hold a small piece of jewelry, several candycanes, or toy cars, it has been getting lots of laughs handing them out this season when life has been so strange and challenging.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not celebrate the Christmas season may see no humor or joy in this item. Others may not like making crafts to give. If the metal numbers are unavailable, a silver permanent marker could be used. Only one side is decorated, but you could decorate the opposite side too.

~ Wish ~
I wish these types of homemade holders could be made and used throughout the year. I think they could be adapted to Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions we try to celebrate good memories during Covid.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive project for you or your children to make, these will put a smile on everyone’s face as they recall the bizarre 2020 year.

Disclosure: I came up with this idea on my own and am sharing its concept freely with others. May you have a blessed Christmas and a better new year!

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