The Farm and the Risky Ride

Title: The Farm and the Risky Ride
Author: Judith Grimme
Publisher: Encourage Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9985592-7-8

“I cannot wait, either! That will be such a fun holiday! But I’m still a little nervous about riding horses,” Simone confides to Lucy in Judith Grimme’s children’s book, The Farm and the Risky Ride.

~ What ~
This one-hundred-and-forty-four-page paperback targets nine- to twelve-year-old children who like stories about family relationships and friendships during the 1960s in the Midwest. With no profanity or adult situations, it would best be read out loud to some readers due to occasionally complicated wording. The ending includes extras and activities, the author’s biography, information about other books in the series, and content ratings.

The third of four series chapter book set in Indiana continues with third-grader Lucy and her new friend, Simone, going to Lucy’s grandparents’ farm for two weeks in the summer while her brother and Simone’s sibling stay home and build a treehouse. Lucy and Simone not only get to collect chicken eggs, milk cows, pick berries, and make camp pies, but they also go horseback riding and witness the birth of a foal.

~ Why ~
This is a lovely read about the past when kids spent ample time outside, enjoying nature and animals. I appreciate the references to kite flying, Instamatic cameras, Barbie and Midge dolls, Bible stories, drive-in movies, the Amish, and various outdoor games. Having read the first book to our six-year-old granddaughter via Facetime, she was excited to start having me read her this one.

~ Why Not ~
Children who do not like chapter books or series that are written about how it was over fifty years ago may not appreciate this read. Others may not relate to the characters, especially if they have no siblings or do not live in a small-town environment. Some younger readers may be concerned about getting injured riding horses or do not like the mention of God and the Bible. It is helpful if you read the books in order to understand the background (we did not read the second book but wish we had).

~ Wish ~
I found the book a bit anti-climatic, so the series may not be for older readers. There were far fewer French words in this one compared to the first book.

~ Want ~
If your elementary-school-age child likes chapter books that are in a series, this would be a fun read if he or she wants to know about life on a farm before electronics consumed our lives.

Thanks to BookCrash and the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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