The Hand Lettering Workbook

Title: The Hand Lettering Workbook
Author: Amanda Kammarada
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 978-1-64611-386-6

“In this book, I’ll walk you through the basics and all the way through to designing a complete piece of lettering,” Amanda Kammarada explains in the introduction of her book, The Hand Lettering Workbook: Step-by-Step Instructions, Practice Pages, and DIY Projects.

~ What ~
This two-hundred-and-eight-page paperback targets those who want to learn how to have beautiful letter handwriting. After an introduction, there are five chapters covering the topic and ending with resources, an index, acknowledgments, and the author’s biography.

This book begins with an explanation of hand lettering, guidelines, styles, tools, and supplies as well as sans serif, serif, and monoline script practice pages. It has complete chapters on brush lettering discussing pressure, strokes, and connection and the basics of faux calligraphy. The final chapter includes practicing connections, making words, bouncing, flourishing, ligatures, embellishing, expressing, developing one’s style, and DIY projects.

~ Why ~
Having a degree in art, I like having a hands-on book that explains how to write cursive including both upper and lower case letters. I appreciate that it not only has practice sheets with examples but also need-to-know terms, different techniques, and various writing instrument options.

~ Why Not ~
Some may have no interest in hand lettering or the art of drawing letters, but it can be a calming, stress-free activity. Others may wish there were more practice pages as there is limited space for writing a single letter repeatedly.

~ Wish ~
Mainly focusing on sans serif, serif, and script lettering along with brush lettering and faux calligraphy, the book is limited on fonts. I wish it contained more style or design options.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a way to learn how to write letters by hand beautifully, this workbook is a great beginner’s source that is full of information, but it is limited to mainly three styles.

Thanks to Callisto Publisher’s Club and the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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