AukCherie Pipe Cleaner Set


~ What ~
Made of a flexible metal wire with chenille fiber covering, plastic eyes, and soft round balls, this pack includes 300 pieces of pipe cleaners, eyeballs, and pompoms. With 100 of each item, there are 10 different colors of the 12-inch long sticks, 10 different colors with 5 different sizes of pompoms, and 3 sizes of black eyes on white backgrounds. They arrive in a cellophane bag with no instructions.

~ Why ~
With 4 grandchildren, I love to have art projects when they come to visit from out of state. As an artist, I like working with any type of medium, including bendable pipe cleaners, pompoms, and eyes. I like that there are so many different colors of the pipe cleaners and pompoms that can be shaped into a myriad of objects. The eyes are fun to add to any art project too.

~ Why Not ~
Some may want the pipes to be either longer or shorter, but a foot-long is a decent size. Others may wish there were more of each color.

~ Wish ~
I wish silver and gold wires were also were included.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a fun way to decorate or be entertained using colorful, flexible soft wires, little pompoms, and fun eyeballs, this will keep young ones (and even adults) entertained for hours.

Thanks to AukCherie for this discounted product that I am under no obligation to evaluate.

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