Vicksson Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies


~ What ~
Containing 100 supplements, these red and lime green dietary supplements promote healthy weight management and may support natural detoxing or cleansing plus digestion. The bottle states the dietary supplement should be taken 2 pills a day. The ingredients include 500 mg of Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 mg of Ginger Dry Extract, natural apple flavor, Black Carrot Extract, Curcumin, Spirulina Extract, Maple Syrup, Chili Pepper, and more. There is a warning on the bottle regarding who should take it and to consult their doctor before using. The bottles were stamped Lot # 941119 and are best used by 09/21.

~ Why ~
I have been taking apple cider vinegar off and one and love that I no longer have to drink it. I appreciate how this concoction is all organic with no preservatives, additives, fillers, or chemicals. Being produced in the United States at a GMP facility is a plus. Since they are chewy pills, they are easy to digest.

~ Why Not ~
Those that are skeptical of non-prescription weight loss supplements may avoid this product. Others may be concerned that some of the ingredients will negatively interact with prescription drugs, so contacting a physician or pharmacist is ideal. Do note ingredients included are Cane Sugar and Glucose Syrup (Corn Syrup), but the daily value is only 10% sugar.

~ Wish ~
I do not know why they call it “The Mother” and perhaps more information should be posted online. I question why there is so much sugar in it.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for an organic natural chewable supplement that may help you shed a few pounds, this is a lot better than drinking apple cider.

Thanks to Vicksson for this discounted product that I am under no obligation to evaluate.

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