NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers: Polar Exploration Edition

Title: NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers: Polar Exploration Edition
Features by Lawrence O. Richards
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 978-0-310-72746-0

“Embark on a fun, exciting trek through God’s Word with the NIr4V Adventure Bible for Early Readers: Polar Exploration Edition, the same trusted Adventure Bible content in a frosty new theme,” the back jacket states.

~ What ~
At fifteen-hundred-and-eighty-four pages, this hardbound targets children ages six to ten years old who want their own Bible and like looking at polar designs. With added inserts, sidebars, illustrations, and maps, it is the New International Reader’s Version with full-color additions.

With almost two dozen thicker insert pages, their topics include how to use the Bible, a list of famous people, the Ten Commandments, Bible themes, Old Testament prophets, the Love Passage, famous children, how to pray, what is faith, the life of Christ, getting to know Jesus, how to be a Christian, and the twelve disciples to name a few.

~ Why
With book introductions explaining the who, why, what, and when, this version is a learning tool for young children. I appreciated the highlighted sections that concentrate on themes such as Words to Treasure, Did You Know?, People, or Life in Bible Times, and Live It! It was thoughtful to have the ending include a subject index, dictionary, charts, and maps similar to regular Bibles.

~ Why Not ~
This book should be cherished by the holder so giving it to a toddler or a young child who does not understand its value would not be ideal. Some may wonder how adding polar illustrations and designs have anything to do with the Word of God. The paper is thin, so often the words and designs show through which may be a challenge. Young readers may struggle with the two- and three-syllable words.

~ Wish ~
Being a fan of the King James Version, I wish this book was available in that format also. I do not understand how including illustrations of polar animals and the artic correlates to the Bible as only visual pictures are included. It would be helpful if the paper were a little thicker for viewing purposes.

~ Want ~
If your young child is old enough to get his or her first Bible, this is a thoughtful choice as it promotes reading God’s Word and has additional information that will engage and encourage learning about God and His love. However, the added polar designs may distract a reader.

Thanks to Z-Blog Squad for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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