Animal Skins

Title: Animal Skins
Author/Photographer: Mary Holland
Publisher: Arbordale Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-64351-3393

“Fur (hair), feathers and scales are animal skin coverings that look very different from each other but do many of the same things,” Mary Holland begins her children’s book, Animal Skins.

~ What ~
A part of the Animal Anatomy and Adaptation series, this oversized thirty-two-unnumbered-page hardbound with a duplicate jacket cover targets children ages four to eight years old who enjoy educational information about nature. With no scary scenes, the book may be best read out loud by adults to beginner readers due to some complicated wording.

In this artistically photographed collection, the outer coverings of animals are the focal point. Beginning with the wings of a moth, the pages show a cicada, porcupine, skunk, fawn, birds, frog, salamander, toad, snake, turtle, and little child, explaining what each’s covering is, does, and how it protects them.

The last four pages have more educational tools of learning activities for creative minds that involve a matching skin game, how animals’ skins are used, special skins of a hairy-tailed mole, European honey bee, turkey vulture, and gray treefrog, and animal classes with answers.

~ Why ~
What makes this book fun is not only the full-page, full-color photographs and explanation of skin coverings but also the informational data at the end for older readers. A child will enjoy viewing the animals and insects that show the skin and skin covering differences between species.

~ Why Not ~
Those who have no interest in animal life and their skin may not appreciate this book. Others may prefer more information in chart or comparison format. Beginner readers may struggle with the many two- and three-syllable words.

~ Wish ~
To me, skin is usually the epidermis on a human, animal, or some insects, yet this book considers fur, hair, and feathers to be skin while technically these three are coverings on the skin. Thus maybe the book should have been titled “Animal Skin Coverings” or “Animal Covers.”

~ Want ~
If your child is interested in an educational series about the different parts of animals such as ears, eyes, legs, mouths, noses, and tails, this one on skin is a good choice.

Thanks to Arbordale Publishing, Bookpleasures, and the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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