Little Fingers Ballet

Title: Little Fingers Ballet
Author: Ashley Marie Mireles
Illustrator: Olga Skomorokhova
Publisher: Familius
ISBN: 978-1-64170-155-6

“The other swans on the lake make way for the lead swan’s magical fouettes!” ends Ashley Marie Mireles’s children’s book, Little Fingers Ballet.

~ What ~
This ten-page board book targets children five to six years old who love ballet, ballerinas, and having a visual way to express dancing by using their fingers. With a clear plastic clamshell, the right side of the book has a reusable holder for two pair of mini-pointe shoes for young ones to wear on their fingers.

Focusing on famous ballets, this beautifully illustrated short book has two holes cut through the entire board so that a young child can put the blue or pink dancing tights on their first and middle fingers, stick them through the holes, and become part of the two dancers’ legs on each of the story’s pages.

~ Why ~
This is a fun way for an avid little ballerina to learn about famous plays or stories that contain dancing while using the puppet finger pointe shoes. I like that there is one page each dedicated to Coppelia, Cinderella, La Bayadere, The Snow Queen, Romeo and Juliet, and Swan Lake. The holes for the leggy fingers are perfectly placed on the pages so a child can move them around. The illustrations are vivid, detailed, and expressive.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like ballets, dancing, or using their fingers as puppet legs may not like this book that does not list the stories by name. It contains many foreign and multi-syllable words that may frustrate beginner readers, but it also is a way to learn new words about the ballet. Some children’s fingers may be too small or large to fit through the holes appropriately.

~ Wish ~
Children may not understand some of the ballet terms that are bolded such as releves, grand battlements, grand jete, arabesque, chasse steps, and fouettes so adding an explanation and the name of the ballets at the back of the book or on its jacket would be helpful. I wish it concentrated on only one ballet, not several, so the reader could understand and act out the scenes.

~ Want ~
If your child is fascinated with being a ballerina, this lovely illustrated book that comes with two pair of mini-tights for the fingers will charm and delight your up-and-coming dancer.

Thanks to Familius and the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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