SOURCE Gobi Men’s & Women’s Sandals




~ What ~
With triple-layered soles and triple-layered straps plus patented X-Strap anchoring points, these all-terrain sandals come in 5 colors and 12 sizes for men and 2 colors and 6 sizes for women. Lightweight with Velcro straps, they include A.R.T1 Grip Top Soles and A.R.T2 Grip Outsoles with permanent odor control. Each pair arrives in a reusable zippered bag with a matching strap design hangtag.

~ Why ~
These shoes are phenomenal. I had bought a pair of inexpensive sandals from a “membership warehouse” that I had to tape gel inserts into the soles because the bottoms were so hard on my feet, but the SOURCE Gobi Sandals fit comfortably with plenty of padding not only on the sole but within the straps. My husband loves that he can adjust each strap to accommodate his feet and they do not slide around. Adding the zippered bag is a thoughtful feature for storing or traveling.

~ Why Not ~
Some may not like how bulky or heavy the shoes are, but they are so well-made and padded that you do not notice their weight when wearing or you could buy the no frills/basic type that SOURCE offers. Others may not like the patterns offered and prefer solids or different colors.

~ Wish ~
I wish there were more than only two color selections for women. It would help if cleaning and care instructions were included.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a great pair of outdoor sandals that have good traction and can be worn a long time without your feet getting sore, these are an excellent choice.

Thanks to SOURCE for these shoes that I am under no obligation to review.

This product can be purchased at

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