CalMyotis Baby Socks with Sayings


~ What ~
Made of cotton, this pack of 4 pair of socks are for male or female newborns and toddlers. The pairs come with 4 funny sayings made of an anti-slip material on the soles of the feet. Arriving in a designer gift box with a tissue and card, they come in cream, tan, gray, and mustard colors. Instructions on the box state they can be put in the washing machine and air dried.

~ Why ~
With another baby granddaughter arriving in a couple of months, we know she will need socks to keep her little feet warm and protected. I like that these socks are long so come to the calf area with a ribbed design. The ones received had these words on their bottoms:

50% Mom 50% ~ Dad 100% awesome
Hold me a little longer ~ Rock me a little more
When you see my bottle ~ Bring me some milk

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like putting socks on their babies may avoid this item. Others may not appreciate that there are misspellings and poor grammar on one of the pairs of socks (should be DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE ~ UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO CRY).

~ Wish ~
I wish online had the written out sayings as they are vaguely mentioned, but this may call to attention the writing errors. It would help if online stated better descriptions (no blue color & foot size), what they were made of, and care instructions. Although I liked the quality and presentation of the socks in a gift box, I was disappointed that one pair will need to be discarded due to its poor writing so now I cannot give the set as a gift.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a cute shower present for a newborn that will get some smiles, these may be a nice selection, but I would not recommend buying them based on the one pair that has incorrect wording on both socks.

Thanks to CalMyotis for this discounted product that I am under no obligation to evaluate.

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