Restoration House

Title: Restoration House
Author: Kennesha Buycks
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-09206-3

“Our Father is intensely present in all aspects of our lives, large and small. As you place Him at the center of your restored home, you’ll find yourself, and all those who enter, restored–heart and soul,” Kennesha Buycks writes in the ending of her book, Restoration House: Creating a Home that Gives Life and Connection to All Who Enter.

~ What ~
This two-hundred-and-forty-page oversized hardbound targets those who want to restore their house into a comfortable, God-honored, and beloved home. Containing full-page, full-color photographs, there are grayed highlighted boxes, sidebars, and a few paragraphed lists. Using mainly the New International Version of the Holy Bible, the English Standard and The Message versions are also included.

After an ownership page and introduction, this book is divided into three sections that contain four chapters each: Restored Home, Restored Soul, A Restored Space for You, and Sharing Your Restored Home. The ending has plans plus dreams, acknowledgments, sources plus credits, and the author’s biography.

In this compilation, the author examines how she never felt at home, having moved often during her early married years. She explains how to design a place to restore your identity, a free zone area that promotes the power to dream again both creatively and spiritually. By making a new name for yourself and finding your place where your senses help guide you, it is vital to make space for God in your life. Dealing with imperfection and comparison, one can entertain in style and grace while inviting others into your restored home and soul.

~ Why ~
This book is geared for those who want to consider how God has created them to be restored in His love and grace, even at and in the home. While I appreciate the tips to restore, redo, and refinish furniture, use the right items in small spaces that make a big impact, repurpose useful products, design multifunctional areas, grow low-maintenance plant options, display with scents and charcuterie boards, have a let-go list, and decorate seasonally, I found the input on letting God intercept our lives through prayer, worship, and reading His Word was most important for restoring the soul and spirit.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ may avoid this read. Others may not like books that focus on how God is the One who helps us feel at home within ourselves and our homes, not things, objects, or our accomplishments. Some may prefer books that have less of the author’s experiences and memories, but this one is not over-bearing.

~ Wish ~
It would be helpful if the book included a topical index, but that may be hard to do. I wish more Bible verses were added.

~ Want ~
If you want to have peace and less stress decorating your private abode, this book that includes the Almighty is a wonderful reminder that He should be the focal point in our rooms and heart. This would make the perfect housewarming gift for a woman who is setting up her first home or needs to renovate her life’s purpose involving God.

Thanks to the Book Look Bloggers for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

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