Sport2People Running Belt


~ What ~
Made of a sweat and water-resistant spandex-nylon with reflective strips on the pockets, this belt can expand from 27.5 to 42.5 inches to go around the waist and comes with 2 zipper pockets and a headphone jack access port hole. Available in 15 colors, its pockets can hold most smartphones, money, keys, identification, and more.

~ Why
Since I walk our dog 3-4 miles a day, I like to carry my phone, keys, and ID. I appreciate how the material on this fanny pack is lightweight and stretchable so is comfortable around the waist. Another nice feature is that the larger cell phones can fit inside the bigger pocket and keys and money can fit in the smaller pocket.

~ Why Not ~
Those who like to carry a large purse or backpack instead of an around-the-waist fanny pack may not need this product. Others may wish the pockets were deeper, but the larger one can hold quite a bit.

~ Wish ~
Having clear pockets might be considered so the runner can see what is inside, but it may not be an issue.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a comfortable running fanny pack that can carry a lot, this is an excellent choice.

Thanks to Sports2People for this discounted item that I am under no obligation to evaluate.

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