God Notes

God Notes: Daily Doses Of Divine EncouragementTitle: God Notes
Author: Jackie Trottman
Publisher: DreamSculpt
ISBN: 978-1-945949296

“What if you had someone who totally believed in you and reminded you daily through notes of Divine encouragement,” the back jacket states in Jackie Trottman’s book, God Notes: Daily Doses of Divine Encouragement.

~ What ~
At four-hundred-and-ten-pages, this paperback targets those seeking a brief daily read about getting closer to God. With no Scripture verses mentioned, it contains single words followed by short statements or paragraphs for each day of the year to focus on as the Almighty speaks directly to the reader. After an introduction, instructions on how to use the book, and a dedication, it has eight sections, ending with acknowledgments and the author’s biography.

Written by a remarried woman with a hurtful past, the topics are all written as if God is speaking. Covering one word per page, they are divided alphabetically into themes of nature, body, mind, spirit, guidance, healing, transformation, and truth.

With no dates or structure to follow, some one-word titles include Awe, Beauty, Tree, Eyes, Face, Lack, Learn, Angels, Bold, Between, Can, Joy, Let, Enlarge, Energy, Time, and Today. By reading the short content and meditating on the words, the reader will tune in to God’s encouragement throughout the day.

~Why ~
I like that these are very simple concepts with short readings that are uplifting and positive.

One example I enjoyed is Longing under the Guidance section. It has God stating that He will guide, provide for, sustain, help, fill you with love, and be the One to fulfill all of your longings.

~ Why Not ~
This is not an in-depth devotional so may work for new believers. Some readers may not like that there are no Bible verses written down or to look up or prayers to pray. With God speaking to the reader, it is all about what you get from Him, often missing the power and awesomeness of what He has done for us. Each page has a lot of white space with limited wording, which may frustrate some readers.

~ Wish ~
Since this book is formatted similarly to Jesus Calling by Sarah Young in that it purports God speaking to the reader (yet this one has no Biblical references), I struggled with deciding if I liked it or not. After reading the introduction to Sarah’s book and learning she had supposed strange visions that aided her writing her book, I stopped reading books in this format. I wonder if this author’s mention of her special meditation is in the same vein as she refers to it yet does not explain its source or background unless you buy one of her CDs. I strongly recommend looking up the word meditation on Wikipedia and see there is a multitude of false religions that practice mindfulness to new age to transcendental meditation. Not knowing what type of meditation Trottman used to get the words from our Creator makes me wary and cautious. I prefer reading directly from the Word of God to hear Jesus speak to me, so I am on the fence about rating or approving this book.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a collection of words that are supposedly God speaking and encouraging you, this may interest you, but I cannot promote it since I do not know enough about the author’s validity since there are no Bible verses given and no information regarding her meditation techniques.

Thanks to the CWA Review Crew and author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

This book can be purchased at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/god-notes-jackie-trottmann/1126266404

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