God’s Good News

God's Good News: More Than 60 Bible Stories and DevotionsTitle: God’s Good News
Author: Billy Graham
Illustrator: Scott Wakefield
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-4002-0989-7

“These stories will help you understand God’s good news—the news that God has a plan for your life, that God loves you, and that He is a God of mercy,” Billy Graham writes in the introduction to his book, God’s Good News: More Than 60 Bible Stories & Devotions.

~ What ~
This two-hundred-and-eight-page hardbound targets children ages four to eleven years old who are looking for beloved Bible stories with a short applicable devotion. Using full-color, full-page expressive illustrations, it references the New King James Version of the Bible. The beginning has an ownership page and table of contents, followed by seventy-four stories and ending with a prayer by the author.

In this oversized book, there are thirty-seven stories taken from the Old Testament and thirty-seven from the New Testament. With each covering one to four pages, the well-known stories range from Creation, Moses, Samson, Isaiah, Daniel, and Esther to Jesus’s birth, miracles, death, and resurrection to name a few. Each story begins with a selected noted Bible verse or verses, often with written out sections and included story. The ending has a highlighted “From Billy Graham” short devotional.

~ Why ~
Many young children love to read or be read a Bible story at bedtime. I appreciate how the stories are laid out, sometimes with partial Scripture added. The stories are told simply but contain enough facts to understand and comprehend. I appreciate the ending having a relatable devotion that can be further discussed.

~ Why Not ~
For those who want nothing to do with learning about God and the Bible, this would not be a good choice. Although there is no explanation of Mary’s virginity, the simple plan of eternal salvation of Jesus shedding His blood on the cross for our sins and rising again is mentioned. Others may be concerned about the violent stories of Goliath being killed, Jonah in the fish, Daniel in the lions’ den, and Jesus dying on the cross, but they do not show any fearful or scary depictions.

~ Wish ~
I assume the italicized wording is taken directly from the Bible but unsure. I wish one-line prayers were added at the end of the devotionals.

~ Want ~
If your preschooler to elementary school-age child wants to read more vivid stories from the Bible, this would make a lovely addition to his or her bookcase.

Thanks to Book Look Bloggers for furnishing this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

This book can be purchased at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gods-good-news-billy-graham/1128128169


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