10 Little Monsters Visit Oregon

10 Little Monsters Visit OregonTitle: 10 Little Monsters Visit Oregon
Author: Rick Walton
Illustrator: Jess Smart Smiley
Publisher: Familius
ISBN: 978-1-939629-29-6

“4 Little Monsters sing in the sea,
‘Come, little sea lions! Play with me!’
The monsters have no fun at all.
The sea lions, though, they have a ball!”
Rick Walton rhymes in his children’s book, 10 Little Monsters Visit Oregon.

~ What ~
Part of a series, this over-sized thirty-two-page hardbound targets three- to eight-year-old children and readers who like learning about American states while counting. With no scary scenes, it would be best read to beginner readers based on some complicated words. Expressive, colorful illustrations cover the pages with the story in rhyme and a paragraph in a smaller font about the highlighted location or object. Counting down from ten, well-known Oregon places and things are covered.

In this quaint tale, ten little monsters get to visit Oregon, but as they go to each famous site, there is one monster less until only one says goodbye at the end. They visit the Astoria Column, Tillamook Cheese Factory, Portland Rose Festival, Powell’s Books, Sea Lion Caves, Crater Lake, Malheur National Forest, and Pendleton Round-up and see beavers and banana slugs. The informative paragraphs give details, facts, and features.

~ Why ~
This fun monster book is a clever way for a young child to learn about one of the states in America, especially if he or she knows someone living there or is planning a trip to visit. I love how the author goes into detail about the highlighted topic so that adults can learn something too.

One example is Crater Lake, where the monsters take a break and wade in it, and one checks out how deep it is. The paragraph explains the lake was made by a volcano and is almost two-thousand feet deep.

~ Why Not ~
The book contains many multi-syllable words that may frustrate beginner readers, but it also is a way to learn new words. The paragraph font is small so a little hard to read.

~ Wish ~
I am glad to see the author has written several books in this format about the little monsters visiting a few states and cities and hope more are in the works.

~ Want ~
With so many amazing places in our country, this one based on where I live will delight our visiting grandchildren while educating them about Oregon through the little monsters. It would be an excellent collection for anyone who likes geography or traveling while learning how to count backwards.

Thanks to Familius and the author for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

This book can be purchased at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/10-little-monsters-visit-oregon-rick-walton/1118175339

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