Title: Unshakeable
Author: Christine Caine
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-09067-0

“… if we have Christ in us – if we have the kingdom of God within us – because with Christ and in Christ, we can have unshakeable faith,” Christine Caine writes in the introduction to her book, Unshakeable: 365 Devotions for Finding Unwavering Strength in God’s Word.

~ What ~
At four-hundred pages, this hardbound meant to be read daily throughout a year reminds readers how much God is our strength, our rock, and our shelter. Using mainly the New International Version of the Holy Bible, it also references the NLT, MSG, NKJV, NASB, AMP, ESV, and NRSV. It has an attached marker ribbon.

With each date in the year and title at the top of the page, a written Bible verse follows with several paragraphs about the stated topic. A short prayer is at the bottom of each page, and the ending includes seven lined blank pages for notes.

~Why ~
This book would be good for those who need encouragement in their daily walk with Christ as they focus on having a faith in God that is impossible to change, shake, or beat down. I like the shortness of the day’s reading. Another plus is that both Old and New Testament verses are provided. Having a prayer helps end the devotion.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not believe in Jesus Christ as their savior may not appreciate this book. With about a quarter of the daily readings containing personal experiences and opinions of the author, the book may not be something for those who only want a devotional about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. A devotional should not take the place of reading the Scriptures on an ongoing basis.

~ Wish ~
I have issues with devotionals that mention the author’s personal information such as this one that discusses her being adopted, having knee surgery, buying a flashlight for her daughter, ordering an egg cracker, traveling internationally, and having a miscarriage to name a few subjects. I know this is her way of correlating the topic to the Bible. However, to me, the book becomes the writer’s personal journal or devotional, so I find it hard to relate it to my relationship with Christ. I wish it were centered on more Bible instead of one’s viewpoint.

~ Want ~
If you like devotionals that contain an individual’s perspective, this may be of interest to you, but I am sorry, I find this one detracts from my daily Scripture reading.

Thanks to BookLookBloggers for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.

This product can be purchased at https://www.christianbook.com/unshakeable-devotions-finding-unwavering-strength-word/christine-caine/9780310090670/pd/090671?event=ESRCG


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