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EVER HEARD OF DNASIMPLE? You can get $50 for your saliva! Sign up & help cure diseases by “spitting in a cup.” I recently saw this in Shark Tank & was impressed.

I joined DNAsimple, a site that helps match up scientists with the DNA they want to study. All I had to do was list my health conditions and some that run in my family. They also want people with no health conditions. It’s all free, too!

If a scientist wants to study someone like me, DNAsimple will ask me to provide some saliva in a special container, and I get $50. It’s anonymous, so the scientists have no access to my name or any other info pointing to me. They just know about my health.

$50 just to give some saliva from home? Why not see if you match up?

Plus, if you join using my custom referral link, I’ll get $10 more every time you match and you’ll get $50! So please use this link to visit the DNAsimple website and think about joining the program:


Who knows? Our donation could end up helping science and earning us some easy cash at the same time. If you have questions, you can ask me, or you can send a message to



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3 responses to “GET $50 FOR YOUR SPIT!

  1. I just reviewed this on my site as well. I like it so far but haven’t been matched to a study. Would love to hear if anyone has!

    • Same here. Signed up & filled out several surveys about health issues but have not been matched to any study. I know the company is fairly new (was on Shark Tank) so hope they are simply backlogged. Thanks for reviewing it too.

      • From what it sounds like, they need more users so that more researchers partner with them. I can’t tell since they don’t publish their active studies, but my guess is the study pool is just small right now.

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