Shiloh-E Tech Crank Flashlight


~ What ~
Measuring 4.9 by 1.8 by 1.3 inches, this army green and black device is a flashlight that can be charged by hand cranking or the sun. Its cranking capability of 1 minute produces 10 minutes of light. It arrives in a box with instructions, ready for giving.

~ Why
Living in the Pacific Northwest, we occasionally get power outages, so I like to have proper emergency items on hand such as a flashlight. I like how this one can be charged without using batteries or electricity, so if there is no sunlight, you can turn its handle to produce light. Another plus is how compact it is, yet the 3 LED lights brightly shine. Including a sturdy built-in carabiner makes it easy to loop onto a backpack, suitcase, or tote.

~ Why Not ~
Those who are unconcerned about having an emergency flashlight will not be interested in this product. Some may not like how small it is or that it cannot be plugged into an electrical socket, but the idea of it being self-contained works great if out camping, hiking, or in the wilderness in the dark and need light.

~ Wish ~
The Amazon site has conflicting information regarding its crank time and AAA batteries, so I wish the online information were more accurate.

~ Want ~
If you are looking a compact emergency flashlight that is self-contained with a hand crank, solar panel, and carabiner, this would be a wise choice to have on hand. This one is going in the glove compartment of my car.

I am under no obligation to review this discounted product that can be purchased on Amazon at

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