CMYK LED Lighting Light Bulb


~ What ~
This LED light bulb is shaped like an antique tube with a slight bubble on its top that measures 5.51 inches long including its metal base and 2.52 inches at its widest point. Being fully dimmable, the warm white bulb contains no mercury, UF or IR, or dazzling and is flicker-free as well as RoHS and CE certified. Arriving in a protective box, the 40w/60w/4w bulb fits most standard E26 and E27 electrical bases. No instructions are needed or necessary.

~ Why ~
We have a family room light that has a deep ceramic cover, so this long bulb fills its lamp cone nicely. What I like most about this product is that it saves me money because it is LED so should last a long time (over 18 years if used 3 hours daily). Its warm white color offers a soft but correctly colored glow to the room.

~ Why Not ~Edison Bulb 2
Some may not like how bright the light shines, but this one has a 40 or 60 watt equivalent so is not too bright. Being elongated, it may not fit in all light sockets or lamp shades properly.

~ Wish ~
I wish these bulbs could be in various colors to match a room’s decor.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for an elongated antique light bulb that has LED filament technology, this one will last a long time.

Thanks to CMYK for this discounted product that I am evaluating by choice.

GRAMMARLY was used to check for errors in this review.Edison Bulb 3


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