Best Choice Products Patio Umbrella Stand


~ What ~
Weighing 50 pounds of cast iron, this adjustable patio umbrella stand has a simplistic classic bronze finish that is weatherproof with a detachable stem piece. Able to use with table or free-standing patio umbrellas, it measures 18 by 24 inches. Instructions are in the box, and some assembly is required.

~ Why ~Patio Stand 2
Having a large glass patio table that seats six, we need a durable umbrella stand to stick under it for when we want shade while eating. I like how the bronze color matches our existing patio set, and the design does not have too many curls, twists, or flora to it. I also appreciate how low profile the base is and not bulky like other stands. A plus is how easy it is to be put together by mounting the approximately 12 inch tube over the bottom plate with a bolt and setting another blocking screw to secure the umbrella, taking me only 3 minutes.

~ Why Not ~Patio Stand 3
Some may not like or need a patio umbrella stand. Others may think it is too heavy or large, but it will keep an umbrella upright compared to plastic or sand-filled stands; its bottom plate is only a few inches tall.

~ Wish ~
It would be nice if more designs and colors of the stands were available. Now I need to find a new umbrella to go with it.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a sturdy, solid cast iron patio umbrella stand, this one will not topple over or cost you a fortune.

Thanks to Best Choice Products for this sample that I am evaluating by choice.

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