Dilanni Cocktail Shirt


~ What ~
Made of 50% cotton, 45% nylon, and 5% rayon, this women’s collarless V-neck shirt has short sleeves and ends below the tummy in the front and past the bottom area for an average-sized woman. Available in ten vivid colors, it comes in four sizes of small, medium, large, and X-large. The zipperless and buttonless garment wraps around the breast area and flows loosely past the waistline. Cleaning instructions are included on an attached tag stating it can be machine washed with like colors.

~ Why ~
I like the feel of the material as it is soft and stretchy. The royal blue color I selected is bright and noticeable. Able to slip it over my head easily, it accents my bust and waistline while covering my hips and bottom. The Large size fit my Size 8 frame comfortably. I was initially concerned the v-neckline would plunge too low, but it can be adjusted so that it does not.

~ Why Not ~Cocktail 2
Some may not like that there is no zipper or buttons, but it is not hard to get on or off. Tall women may think it is too short, but due to the flared dart area in the back, it flows over the bottom without concentrating on a “muffin top” at the waistline. I ordered one size up to make sure it fit, yet I could have gotten a medium since the material is stretchy.

~ Wish ~
I wish patterned options of flowers, designs, et cetera were available. The color of the 2nd photo is more accurate.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a classy yet comfortable shirt that accents the bust area, this one is a definite. keeper.

Thanks for Dilanni for this discounted product that I am under no obligation to evaluate.

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