Firm Abs Men’s Compression Shirt


~ What ~
Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, this men’s shirt is made out of a stretchy compression material that breathes with the skin while keeping the body cool when sweating and warm when cold. It comes only in black and is available in 5 sizes from Small to XX-Large. Cleaning instructions are not included.

~ Why ~
My husband is a gym rat who works out hard. I like that this antibacterial fabric will not hold in the odors and smells while keeping him cool as he works out. The mesh backing column along the spine provides coolness while the front area is thicker so that there is no chaffing. The neckline is collarless with no tag so does not scratch are rub against the neck area. I like how long it is as I could wear it with leggings.

~ Why Not ~Gym Shirt 2
Some may not like that these types of compression shirts tend to cling to the skin, so it is recommended buying a size or two larger if you want it not to be tight. Others may wish there were more color options or that it was not so long in length.

~ Wish ~
With no cleaning instructions online, on the removable tag, or printed on the garment, it should be noted. It may be able to be washed with other like-colored clothing, but I wish it stated the directions.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for an inexpensive, nicely designed men’s short sleeve compression shirt, this may be your gym favorite.

Thanks for Firm ABS for this discounted product that I am freely evaluating.

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