La La Ann Barbie Kitchen Set


~ What ~
Made of pink ABS plastic, this 26-piece furniture set is supposedly for the standard Barbie dolls that measure 11.5 inches tall. The set contains a kitchen complete with stove, sink, cupboards, and a window as well as pots, pans, table, two chairs, and dinnerware. All come in a plastic bag.

~ Why ~
Our out of state granddaughter turns 4 this month, so this gift is timely for the girly-girl who likes to play house with dolls. I like that the set looks somewhat realistic with 3 cupboards that can be opened while including a coffee pot, cooking pot, bowls, spoons, spatula, and plastic napkins. Since it is pink, it will be cherished since it is our granddaughter’s favorite color.

~ Why Not ~Barbie 2
Those who do not plastic doll furniture and accessories will avoid this item. I found the connotation that the set fits Barbie-sized dolls is misleading as, per my photos (doll not included in set), the table and kitchen counter barely make it to the top of Barbie’s long legs. The kitchen stove/sink combo is so short Barbie towers over it, and she could not possibly sit in the miniature chairs.

~ Wish ~
I wish it stated that this is not a Barbie-sized set as only the bowls, teapot, kitchenware, and silverware could be used for that sized doll.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a cute and low-cost doll set, this one’s accessories may work for Barbie, but the furniture is so small maybe the small pocket dolls could use it.

Thanks to La La Ann for this product that I am under no obligation to reviewBarbie 1

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