God Bless My School

God Bless My School (A God Bless Book)Title: God Bless My School
Author: Hannah C. Hall
Illustrator: Steve Whitlow
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-7180-1109-3

“Help your own little learner look forward to exciting activities and new friends and–most of all–remember that God is with them everywhere they go,” the back jacket cover states in Hannah C. Hall’s children’s book, God Bless My School.

~ What ~
Part of the God Bless series, this twenty-page board book with a padded front cover and rounded edges targets children preschool age or older who are starting school. Focusing on the first day of school and what to expect, it also reminds the reader that God is with him or her. There are no scary or frightening scenes.

With cute animals explaining the first day of going to school, there are four lines of rhyming verses on one part of the open pages that contain colorful, engaging illustrations. Beginning with autumn coming, a baby bear ties his shoes, a penguin zips up his backpack, and a bird flies off bravely. At school, the little ones are introduced to their teacher, learn, laugh, have lunch, nap, play outside, and make friends. When the day is done, they all state to have God bless their school.

~ Why ~
Often children are insecure about starting school, yet this book told via baby animals calmly shows how interesting and fun it can be. I like that the rhymes are short and positive as the reader learns what school is. Mentioning how God is there with them may calm their fears. The pictures are cute and detailed enough to keep a young child’s attention, especially the adorable baby depictions.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not approve of books that mention God may not want this book, although His name is only mentioned three times. With multiple-syllable and a few hard-to-comprehend words, the book would best be read out loud to beginner readers.

~ Wish ~
Although the rhyming is charming, it would help if some of the wording were easier to read for beginner readers who have not started school yet.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a children’s book that helps preschoolers and kindergarteners get acquainted with going to school for the first time, this would be an excellent choice.

Thanks to Book Look Bloggers for this complimentary book that I am freely evaluating.

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