BabyGlo Hand or Foot Print Kit


~ What ~
Made of an unknown air-dried material, this set is typically used to make 2 hand or foot images of an infant or young child that can be used as a keepsake. The product includes 2 50 gram premixed lumps of clay, a roller, tube to make a hole, blue and pink paint pens, blue and pink ribbons, paintbrush, plastic sheet, and instructions in a gift box.

~ Why ~
When I was a child, I had my handprint made of clay which I still have today, so when our grandchildren have been born, I always gift the child one of these handmade sculptures. This one is for our adorable granddaughter whose room is in purple and lime green so I had to use my paints and ribbons to match (see attached photo). The clay is ultra-lightweight to the point it feels like foam clay. It is easier to compress and mold than real clay but is still a struggle to press onto a baby’s hand or foot like regular clay but with less mess. I like that it is a complete set that can be used right out of the box.

~ Why Not ~
Those who are not crafty and do not care about making memories of their baby will skip this concept, but it is easy to do and make, making something that cannot be duplicated years later. Others may not like the idea of the messiness of kneading the clay and getting the child dirty for a few moments, but there is little clean up as it comes with a plastic sheet, and nothing remains on the skin. Since most clays offer only a small indentation of the print, it is recommended to paint the area so it stands out.

~ Wish ~
The box states that it dries within 24 hours, but it took almost 2 days to completely dry. The white clay is so lightweight that I wonder if it will break or crack over years. I question if it can be sprayed with a glossy finish so it shines.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a fun and cute way to remember a baby’s tiny hand and foot, this will make a thoughtful baby gift. Since I am gifting it to my grandchild, I could only include one photograph but used my paints that did not come in the box.

I bought this BabyGlo product at the full price and am under no obligation to review it.

GRAMMARLY was used to check for errors in this review.


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