Mr Life Hack Inverted Umbrella


~ What ~
Made of water-repellent pongee fabric with a double layer canopy top, electroplated steel shaft, and resin reinforced fiberglass ribs, this auto-open reverse umbrella measures 33 inches long and 2 inches in circumference when closed. When opened, it expands to approximately 4 feet by almost 3 feet. It comes in five color choices with a C-design handle and carrying case with a shoulder strap; no instructions are included.

~ Why ~
We live in the Pacific Northwest where we get an average of 40 inches of rain, so we need protection often from nature. I like how this differently-designed umbrella folds outward instead of inward, pushing all the rain away instead off to the sides. The rubberized handle with the opening makes it easy to use when carrying other items in the same hand. I like that it can stand on its own while drying. The chosen Galaxy design has an attractive stellar pattern that begins at the inner point and spreads out.

~ Why Not ~Inverted Umb 3
Some may not like using umbrellas but prefer a hat. Others may question the concept of it closing outward, but it does serve its purpose in pushing wetness away from the holder. There are those who may want a more compact umbrella they can stash in the trunk of their car or carry in their pocket.

~ Wish ~
Although I love the idea of the water pushed away and can freely drip down when the umbrella stands on its own, I  wish it was only 12-15 inches long when closed for easier carrying.

~ Want ~Inverted Umb 2
If you are looking for a newly-designed umbrella that may appear as if it is broken from wind blowing it inside out, watch out as this one actually works to keep you dry.

Thanks to My Life Hack for this product that I am freely evaluating.

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