Caracal Outfitters Beach Blanket


~ WHAT ~
Made of a durable ripstop parachute nylon, this 63-foot square blanket that weighs a little more than a pound comes in aqua blue with wide gray borders and an attached drawstring carry bag. There is a small zippered pocket for accessories as well as 4 “sand” bag sections on each corner and elastic tie-down loops and 4 pointed aluminum ground stakes in a small separate pouch. Instructions are not included, but its tag states it can be washed and air dried.

~ Why ~
Having this compact blanket kept in the car is perfect for when we go to the beach or park. I like how the over-sized sheet has tabs in each corner to hold it down with the added stakes plus the 4 sand pockets to hold it down. Being thin and lightweight, its material is durable enough that it will not tear or shred. I was impressed how it easy it was to get the blanket back into its bag that is attached to the blanket and has a drawstring toggle for tightening. When in its bag, it measures 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide so can be stored without issues. Having the zippered pocket is ideal for keeping keys, phones, wallets, et cetera.

~ Why Not ~ Blanket 2
Some may think the blanket’s material is sheer, unpadded, or thin, but it does serve its purpose for sitting on the sand or grass. Others may wish it was waterproof so it could be used as a tarp for covering.

~ Wish ~
Although I like the aqua and gray colors, I wish other colors were offered.

~ Want ~Blanket 3
If you are looking for a lightweight blanket for several people to cover the ground, this one is a keeper.

Thanks to CARACAL OUTFITTERS for this discounted product that I am freely evaluating.

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