Rosso Caffe Coffee Pod Set


~ What ~
Made of 100% grounded coffee, this pack contains 60 individual one-serving capsules to make coffee using all types of Nespresso line machines. There are three categories of pods in dark, medium, or light, each containing two flavors that include 10 of Gentlemen, Maestro, Rico, Intelligente, Purismo, and Delicante pods. All come in designer cardboard boxes with information, a flyer, and gift card.Coffee 2

~ Why ~
I am not a coffee aficionado but love having options when drinking it, and this set has a myriad of six different flavors that can be enjoyed with a Nespresso based on your light to dark preference. Although I am drinking more decaf coffee as I age, I liked the two lightest blends of Delicato and Purismo as I found them full of flavor yet not overwhelming with too much caffeine. With 2 sealed plastic bags containing 5 pods each in a box, when the bags are opened, the wonderful, full-bodied fragrance of coffee fills the air. I also appreciate the flyer as it shows all available options.

~ Why Not ~Coffee 3
Some may prefer making a full pot of coffee to drink throughout the day so individual pods like this set would not work. Others may want different flavors such as peppermint, mocha, et cetera that some pods offer so should refer to the enclosed flyer or check online.

~ Wish ~
I wish decaf flavors were added to the mix, but it is an option as per the flyer.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a 60-pack of individual coffee pods in six different flavors, this is selection may work well with your Nespresso if you are not super picky about flavors.

Thanks to Rosso Caffe for this discounted product that I am freely evaluating.

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