E.M.D.M. Trunk Organizer & Caddy


~ What ~
Made of high-quality polyester with a PVC mesh, this royal blue and black collapsible organizer measures 12 by 15 inches but can expand from 2 inches closed to 23.5 inches when opened. With a three layer non-skid bottom, it also has 3  adjustable compartments, outside pockets including a bottle section, locking buckle straps, metal eye holes, and carrying handles. It also includes a backseat caddy that hangs over a car’s headrest. There are no added instructions.

~ Why ~Trunk Caddy 3
I do not like it when items roll around in the trunk of my car, and this organizer is the perfect way to contain things with its many dividers, compartments, and pockets. I appreciate that it can be flatted to 2 inches when storing. Another plus is it can be buckled to only open half way and then further expanded when needed. The backseat caddy appears to be insulated with a zipper top, ideal for keeping drinks cold.

~ Why Not ~Trunk Caddy 2
Some may not have the trunk space in their vehicle that can hold this organizer that expands up to 2 feet. Others may prefer a different color combination.

~ Wish ~
Although I like blue and black car accessories, I wish other colors were offered that would match my car trunk’s interior. Including care and handling instructions would be helpful.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a way to carry many products in an organized fashion in your car, this easy to use item would be a great choice.

Thanks to E.M.D.M. for this discounted product that I am freely evaluating.

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