Mr. LifeHack Mandoline Slicer


~ What ~
Made of stainless steel with black plastic handles and a twist/pull knob, this complete mandoline slicer comes with a built-in adjustable cutting blade and kickstand plus a food safety holder. Able to grate different sizes as well as Julienne cut, the blades can be adjustable from 4.5mm to 9mm with the twist of the side knob. The grater measures 16 inches long and over 6.5 inches in width including the knob. The holder is almost 5.5 inches around and 3 inches tall with the top pulled out. Instructions are included on the outside of the gift box.

~ Why ~Mandoline Slicer 2
I do not like cutting or grating veggies or cheese, but with this complete unit, I do not have to hold the grater up against a bowl or counter as there is an adjustable kick-plate with rubber on one end for securing. I like how I do not need to switch out the blades but instead turn a knob to change the cutting sizes or design. The ergonomic handle will not tire your hand as it is molded and comfortable. The wide food holder is a nice bonus and can hold a large item.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not make their own food may not need this handy tool for slicing or grating. Others may not like how sharp the blade is so be careful (yes, I sliced my pinking finger testing it). The unit is wide so may be awkward to store; however, it can lay flat.

~ Wish ~
It would be nice if there were a miniature version of this unit as it is a bit cumbersome and will not fit in my standard utensil drawer (mainly because so many other items are already in it).

~ Want ~
If you want a durable all-in-one mandolin slicer that has built-in adjustable blades, select this one.

Thanks to MrLifeHack for this discounted product that I am evaluating by choice.

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